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Welcome Well Beyond invites you to experience true connection with optimum health and well being  through our services of transpersonal coaching and energy healing.   Transpersonal coaching assists you shape your life for ultimate happiness and success while  energy healing balances your energy systems for physical and emotional well being.   All services are tailored to support the needs of your life’s journey. Come and enjoy luxurious  and energetically potent, pure essential oils that will assist the healing of both your body and  your mind. Relaxation, balance, clarity and awareness are just some of the benefits you’ll  gain by using our services.  "...within each of us is a guiding force that calls upon us to be a true expression of our ‘being’. We spend a good part of our lives learning what that expression is and how we are supposed to use it. My aim is to help empower you on your journey, help you stay connected with  your innate power, wisdom and awareness so that the path you walk is happy, healthy and  aligned with your consciousness and all that you can be". Kristine Meredith, Principal Healer & Founder of Well Beyond - Transpersonal Coaching, Energy Healing & Essential Oils
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